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Dear Awilda:
"I want to express how deeply moved I was attending your concert last night. You brought me to tears, you made me smile and you lifted my spirits. The encore said it all. You have such amazing grace and you had us all in your hand.

Thank you, Awilda, and I hope you will share this with many more concerts."

Pam Hunter
Seattle, WA

Dear Awilda and Hartwig:
"Sometime ago, I went to church in my daughter Lisa's Brooklyn neighborhood on Front Street under the Bridge. I was the only white woman. At Thanksgiving, a magnificent black woman in a green silk dress sang from the back of the room a young, handsome man responded in a soft tenor voice. I felt God's presence in that place.

On Friday Steven and I heard your music another magnificent woman with a voice to remember.
It was so beautiful Hartwig, you at the piano, and Awilda, you in your red dress. Mostly I loved your words. The history of the evening. The underlying passion. God's presence was felt in that place, too."

Elisabeth Smith
Seattle, WA

Dear Awilda:
"I would like to express my gratitude for your personal offerings last night. I was moved, often thrilled in a way that has seemed a part of my distant past.

Thank you for catching me up. Thank you Awilda for opening your heart so widely."

Judith Page
Edmonds, WA

Dear Awilda:
"Dale and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your program. We appreciate the intimacy of your wonderful explanations of your journey."

Dale and Linde Kisker
Seattle, WA


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